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Technology & Future

At TBSWorld we wish to create a combined event and city experience - a long with a Technology networking festival for similarly like-minded people.

Blockchain, nascent AI, and newly-emerging Technologies are constantly evolving in today’s Digital World. The 4th Industrial Revolution is pushing the technological borders and boundaries further than ever before. The future is right now!

Maybe, we will all be lucky enough to live to see the 5th Industrial Revolution emerge too!

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Amsterdam Netherlands
29 November 2019

Join our next story at the beautiful city Amsterdam.

The Netherlands is one of the most developed countries of the world. The Netherlands is a small country but a big player in the world’s trade and is known for global transfers of capital.

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We Love our partners

We choose partners based on their projects, reputation, vision and ethics.
A better world ... that's where we want to go.

Are you a Startup or Corporation with an agenda and/or interest in technologies, such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Fintech, SaaS, Applications, E-commerce, and many more new technology driven solutions, join us at TBS World and become a partner.

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Five hundred souls

A 'limited' festival that gives 500 like-minded people the space to inspire each other.

With TBS-world we realize a wonderful event where speakers, visitors and a few sponsors present their vision on future technologies.
Meet today... connect in the evening... unlock tomorrow!