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The creation of technology experience networking city festivals
for like-minded people, like you!

+ 500 Startups

Startups are the fuel for the engine of progress. The future is formed by companies that fill needs we didn’t know existed, then become necessities. Think of society just 20 years ago - no smart phones, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Bitcoin… to name a few. Startups begin with a vision and a solution, they create opportunities for industry and investment, while improving daily life.

5000 attendees

You and the world... the time to connect. Each event will be limited to 500 people. Big enough to offer value and diversity yet small enough to allow intimacy and connection. The atmosphere will highlight the opportunities without worrying about missed meetings.

25% Investors

Our festival attracts visitors, and 25% of which are investors, VC’s, Angels and industry insiders looking for partners. They invest and partner in startups, ideas, young potentials, and mature businesses.
All eager for the guests and presenters at TBS World.

N°1 Tech Networking Festival

At TBS World we make a difference, and our events are known for being a real fest. Close your eyes, think about Las Vegas, Cirque du Soleil, Tomorrowland, Technology, Startups and the 4th revolution, all combined in a unique location and city experience.
The perfect place to learn, network and dance when the event is over!

10 World Cities

Today we explore a few cities, at TBS World we dream, and we dream BIG. You and the world deserve it! Look for us at 10 major world cities. Join the experience in one of our festivals.

Infinite Possibilities

Open your horizons, visit our events and get to know like-minded people, create the future, get involved in ideas you might have never thought about before. TBS World offers a wide range of possibilities to young and old, industry veterans and those just entering the space.

Welcome note

Startups, WEB apps, Cryptos, ICOs, STOs, the Blockchain, nascent AI, machine learning and newly-emerging Technologies are constantly evolving in today’s Digital World. The 4th Industrial Revolution is pushing the technological borders and boundaries further than ever before.

The future begins right now. We will determine the direction it leads the rest of the world.
Together, we will unlock tomorrow!

Team TBS World IO

Bruno Ver


Matt Connolly


Kristof Verspille


Frank Amato


Gianni D'Alerta


Satochi Nakomoto


Anna Bartoccioni

Sales, marketing & press relationship manager

Charging Bull & Fearless Girl

Adoption managers

Diaz Arantxa

Operations manager

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