29 November 2019
Creative technology networking festival

N°1 Tech Networking Festival

With TBS World we make a difference, our events are known for being a real fest. Close your eyes, think about Las Vegas, Cirque du Solleil, Tomorrowland, Technology, Startups and the 4th revolution, all combined with a unique location and city experience. The perfect place to learn, network and dance when the event is over!

500 Lovely people

Let’s meet in Amsterdam. With TBS World ep. Amsterdam we expect max. 500 lovely souls to join the experience. Whatever function, dream or goal you have, we’re all like minded people and all equal.

World City

It’s a small world, with many beautiful cities! TBS World visits Amsterdam for it’s beautiful small streets, it’s startup-friendly atmosphere and the amazing sandy beach!


During our events we experience a high attendance of people with the ability of making decisions! Interesting? Yeah, for sure... if you’re looking at doing business with them, exchanging ideas or signing partnerships, there are endless possibilities at our event.

Speakers Amsterdam

Soon the list will be added here.

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Cryptos, ICO’s, STO’s, theBlockchain, nascentAI, and newly-emerging Technologies are constantly evolving in today’s Digital World.The 4th Industrial Revolution is pushing the technological borders and boundaries further than ever before.

The future is right now. Maybe, we wil all be lucky enough to live to see the 5th Industrial Revolution emerge too!

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