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Programme Speakers Brussels

Opening event: 09h30

Matt Connolly


Start: 09H38

Bruno Ver


Start: 09H44

Koen Vingerhoets

Project Coördinator Blockchain Belfius

Start: 10h09

Emil Sterndorff

Founder of Altcoin Magazine

Start: 10h25

Karel Striegel

CEO, Co-founder, Arkane Network, FundRequest

Start: 10h45

Jana Petkanic

BizDev @ EthicHub.com

Start: 11h05

Samuel JJ Gosling

Founder at Validity

Start: 11h25

Steine Eyssen

Founder at Sengento

Start: 11h30

Anna Tutova

Founder Coinstelegram

Start: 11h30

José Alejandro Regojo Barrón

Banking Bitcoin, teaching Lightning

Start: 13h00

Vit Jedlicka

president of Liberland

Start: 13h30

Renout Van Hove

Revenue Growth Architect

Start: 14h00

Gerry Janssens

CEO-Founder Cryptotrain

Start: 14h10

Emil Sterndorff

Founder of Altcoin Magazine

Start: 14h20

Etiënne vantKruys

Incubator | Angel Investor | Public Speaker

Start: 15h00

Tom De Block

Chairman AIOTI

Start: 15h20

Bart Smets

Services for OTC deals

Start: 15h40

David Mussche

Tax lawyer (partner) at Mythra Advocaten

Start: 15h50

Doron Wesly

Chief Marketing Officer Shopin

Start: 16h00

Paul Puey

Co-founder at Edge

Start: 16h50

David De Vriesere

Blockchain - Evangelist & Influencer

Ep. Brussels/Kampenhout

Hof Ter Loonst
Terloonststraat 22
1910 Kampenhout